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Here are few questions which many of our customers have asked us. We thought that you may be pondering over the same.

1.How much does an e-rickshaw cost per kilometre?

The running cost of the our 3 Wheeler is around 40 paisa/km.

2.How much time is required to complete charging of the vehicle?

The charging time completely depends on the battery technology that your are using. If you are opting for Li-Ion then it would be around 2-3 hours else the charging time for Lead Acid would be around 5-6 hours.

3.What is the life of the battery?

Our vendors are offering a life of about 36000 kms on idle driving conditions.

4.Does these vehicle have insurance?

Yes. Third party & comprehensive insurances are provided on these variants.

5.Is driving license is mandatory for these vehicles?

Yes. As per law of land, battery operated vehicle driver should possess a valid driving license.

6.What is the mileage of these vehicles?

On idle driving conditions, the 3 Wheeler vehicle gives a mileage of about 87* kms on full charge.

7.Where can I purchase these vehicles?

6-7 hrs, depends on charger, with single phase supply of 15A socket and it requires 6-7 units for one time charging.

8.How much weight cab it carry?

The vehicle tested GVW is 753 kgs allowing it to carry about 500 kgs.

9.What is the passenger permit limit?

The permitted limit for 3 Wheeler passenger vehicle is 4 passengers & a driver.

10.How about post-sale service & parts.

Adapt Motors is committed to post-sales service. We are providing the service through our channels & service unit tie-ups.

11.Are the required spare parts easily available?

Adapt Motors is

12.How many batteries you are using in a vehicle? What is rating of each battery? What is life of Battery?

We are using 4 batteries in vehicles. Rating of each battery is 12 V and 100 – 105 Ah. Normally company provides 6 months warranty, it also depends on your maintenance, as per market report 8-9 months.*

13.What is Battery replacement cost?

*Rs 28,000-32,000 / – with old exchange for 4 batteries.

14.What is Running cost of the vehicle?

It is 60 to 90 paisa per kilometre depending upon battery warranty 6 month or 1 year. It includes charging cost 40 to 50 paisa per km.

15.What are the terms and conditions of warranty you provide?

The warranty is for free repair or replacement against any manufacturing Defects or workmanship. Burning Condition not Acceptable. Warranty voids in case of Accident or ACT OF GOD and overload. For more please check our warranty card. Products like Batteries , Chargers and Tyre’s warranty needs to be claimed at respective manufacturers authorized points.

16.Where to get service of battery?

From local dealer or Local service center of battery vendor or Franchisee of that respective company.

17.Type and brand of battery?

Both lead acid and lithium ion batteries are available. Vehicle has to pass RTO with approved battery only.

18.Is this Chinese rickshaw ?

No. This is made in India as per government norms & our vehicle is approved by ICAT (Haryana). And only manufacturer can issue VIN Number and we issue VIN Number.

19.What will be GST rate ?

5% for sale of vehicle. For service and spares GST will vary with respect to service and spares type.

20.Can you supply in CKD or SKD condition ?

Yes, we can supply complete rickshaw, CKD & SKD.

21.Can we charge E-Rickshaw by Solar Panel ?

Solar panel can be attached as extra accessory for vehicle. It will act as range extender only 

22.Is their any fix Color for E Rickshaw ?

Yes. it is compulsory in few state, I.e. Gujarat (Green Body and Yellow Roof)and other state yet to decide.

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