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We endorse eco friendly mobility solution.


Our Mission

Our Vision

To be the brand representing the EV club in India by ingenious products, proliferate the vantages among the society & encourage the public to adapt the EVs for daily commute.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere where Humans, Machines and Earth survive together.

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Adapt Motors is among the India’s leading E-Rickshaw & Electric Two Wheeler manufacturers.

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Few Reasons to Choose Us

Why us

We are re-owned manufacturers with in-house R&D and production facility & partnered with India’s most reliable vendor network for genuine parts & spares.

designed for purpose

Designed For Purpose

Customization for the purpose is designed & served.

Indian by nature

Indian By Nature

Inspired by "Make-in-India". We support & use Indian vendors.

eco friendly mobility

Eco Friendly Mobility

We provide mobility solution safeguarding the nature.



Designs & products are approved & certified by authorized agencies.

genuine spares

Genuine Spares

We support spares supply, technology up-gradation & kit provision.

Post Sales Service

Post Sales Service

We believe in the "sale for service" and implement the same.

our variants

Electric Three Wheeler and Two Wheeler

be a part

Revolution & Evolution


Welcome to our business platform. You may contribute as an investor, dealer or  re-seller. Contribute to the society in your own way. Invest in future to become a good investor.



Adapt Motors provides opportunity to sales maestro to promote the products locally & earn substantially.



Adapt Motors invites dealers from regions across the country. We offer ethical & exclusive future EV products.



Adapt Motors is open for like minded investors who share the company vision & shall strive for it's mission.

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Serving to Survive, Striving to Serve.


Adapt Motors has put the service foremost to sales. Our numbers & customer speak high regarding our contribution to the society.  We strive for bringing balance in economic & ecological stream to consign a transformative future for better living.

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8 reasons to Adapt Electric Vehicles



E auto rickshaw is a means of livelihood for many people in India. They can earn decent money through this vehicle and can support their family.

2.Healthy Transportation

Vibration is a major concern in many vehicles, as they have adverse effect on passengers’ health. In e auto rickshaws vibration dampers are installed for minimizing the vibrations and thus taking care of passengers as well as the driver’s health and blessing them with smooth journey.


No fuel, no explosion. Unlike other fuel operated vehicles, e autorickshaws work on electrical energy, hence there are no changes of explosion in these rickshaws and they are safe. Also, these rickshaws are light in weight and run slowly on roads, which minimizes the possibility of road accident.

4.Easy Maintenance

E auto rickshaws are not dependent on gear box and engine, as they only need electricity for efficient working, thus minimizing the maintenance cost.

5.Social Responsibility

We live in India, and it is our responsibility to keep it pollution free. E auto rickshaws are playing a pivotal role in preserving environment. It is a noise free and pollution free vehicle aptly suitable for India


E auto rickshaw in India emits negligible quantity of pollution in air, thus gives its significant contribution in keeping country pollution free.


As compared to other vehicles, e auto rickshaw in India are quite economical for both passengers as well as for owners. These e rickshaws are easy to charge and require a normal household battery, and once charged, they can cover a long distance.

8.Free from noise pollution

Unlike other vehicles, these e auto rickshaws don’t make much noise and hence passengers can enjoy a noise free and comfortable journey.

e mobility solutions

Endorsing E-Mobility


Supporting the vision, Adapt Motors opened it’s “E-Mobility” wing to encourage the commercial businesses to adapt the E Mobility concepts in their business. “Adapt Electric” drafts the E Mobility plan, supports the installation of equipment, periodical mobility checks & repairs and build a commercially viable E-Mobility Solution for your business.

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Adapt Motors is among the India’s leading Electrical Vehicle 3 Wheeler & 2 Wheeler provider.