our history

How We Started Industry


We Adapt Motors Pvt. Ltd (AMPL) Introduce ourselves as the South India’s First and Largest manufactures of Battery operated vehicles and EV manufacturers and suppliers in India, in the competitive segment of Three wheeler (Passenger, Cargo and Customized) with innovate and native adapted design & Technology. Our Vehicles are economic at price and appealing at outfit.. Adapt Motors Private Limited (AMPL) is established trading & manufacturing company in India. The product range of the group includes EV Vehicles, auto rickshaws and carts. Since almost a year now, the company is fully involved in the design, fabrication, assembly and sales of battery operated rickshaws in India through its strong human resource commitment. Our strong quality controls and continued tie up with the top suppliers all over the country has helped us build and retain a loyal customer base. Bulk buying has always given us an edge over our competitor due to a better pricing. Uninterrupted supplies and top quality services have made in the first choice of buyers in the country.


Founded Company

Incorporation, Initial R&D


First Solar Energy

CMVR Approvals,

Approvals in the state of Karnataka.


Renewable Energy

Approvals in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Telangana, Maharasthra and Uttar Pradesh.

Appointment of 10 Dealers & 106 Sales


Green Technology

iRecco is among the world's leading renewable energy solutions.


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