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Why Sweekar E-Rikshaws?

We have so far witnessed many changes in our lives, things changed so fast, the best tools which are helping us today to sustain and perform better are nowhere in our lives before a decade or half. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Online shopping, Giant Shopping Malls and Online Taxis was never part of our lives during our childhood, but today it is tough to imagine our life without them.

Correspondingly we have seen a quick shift from orthodox habitual living to modern and well-equipped lifestyle, although this major adaption is making our lives better, there is still one vast segment in which we need to drastically upgrade to save this planet from being polluted i.e Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline usage to Electric Vehicles.

The revolution from traditional Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline Rikshaws to E- Rikshaws is slowly picking up, consumers were bit disappointed initially as few China imported vehicles didn’t meet their expectations, gradually companies like Adapt Motors made the trends shift very fast with their innovative, stronger, sleeker, safer, economical and easy to operate India made E- Rikshaws. Adapt Motors’s Sweekar E-Rikshaws are now being widely purchased as the vehicle comes with boasting features like immediate torque, silent ride, and premium performance, Sweekar E- Rikshaws also have lower fuel and maintenance costs and consumers ultimately garner social pride and responsibility from creating a better, healthier planet. For all of these reasons and more, E-Rickshaws have caught the attention of Business owners and drivers and they are loving in engaging them as they are cost effective and economical.

Have Glance at the below advantages of adapting to Sweekar E-Rickshaws 


A battery electric vehicle (BEV) has far fewer moving parts than a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. There’s no need for liquid fuels or oil changes. There’s no transmission or timing belt to fail when you least expect it. In fact, most of the maintenance costs associated with an internal combustion engine are eliminated. Sweekar E-Rikshaws have a better emissions profile than internal combustion vehicles which helps in maintaining a clean environment.


The overall cost of EV ownership is actually lower than Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline-powered Rikshaws, one gets the maximum advantage to minimize the capital costs, our Sweekar E-Rikshaws comes with a powerful battery that gives 100 km mileage with just 3 to 4 hrs charging and that is just 40 paise or less per kilometre.


Like the Diesel/Petrol/Gasoline-powered Rikshaws Sweekar doesn’t require monthly servicing, just refill the distil water once in a month and that’s it. Spares also have a longer life than the traditional rickshaws and are much cheaper in price.This helps the business owners to save the high servicing costs, Our E-Rikshaw is easy to operate and almost anyone can drive it, all these features help you to save big money.



If you haven’t looked at what’s going on with E- Rikshaws lately, you may be surprised. Sales are growing. The EV industry is creating jobs for Indians. With Adapt Motor’s expanding network, it’s becoming more common to find our distributors stores in almost every city and small towns across South India. We encourage you to join the movement. Lead the way for a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.