Adapt Motors – A new friend to nature and going strong towards its goal.

We started in 2014, with a motto of keeping the planet more green and clean by launching electric autos to address the pollution problem. Till 2014, thousands of Diesel/petrol autos were moving across the city throughout the day leaving hazardous emission which was polluting the air very badly and making it unbreathable, Adapt motors was launched with a single point agenda and goal to address this huge threat to the planet and to eliminate the pollution problem completely.

We know It’s a big challenge, and we also very well knew that we have chosen a tough path but, we strongly believed in our passion and we have set our mission vision very clearly to eliminate pollution causing vehicles completely from this planet and help to breath clean. Although we had big plans to enter into various other segments, we have first chosen to enter into e rickshaw segment considering the affordability and ease of push. When we released our first Auto, as usual, we faced so many rejections due to various reasons, primarily due to less awareness among the public on sustainability and durability of Electric Vehicles, we struggled initially as the doors were not wide opened for electric vehicles across India,

We quickly changed our game plan and strongly decided to first bring awareness among the public and to help them understand the benefits of using electric vehicles for them as well as for nature. we reached them in various ways, conducted many workshops, encouraged them for trail runs, displayed vehicles across Hyderabad. although we were a normal startup like everyone with limited funds, we still opted for costly television and print media slots to reach people to drive this awareness campaign of educating them in adapting to electric vehicles, though it was tough to run finances in the initial days almost with no sales, we know what we are doing, we were able to see the future clearly and we were well determined and prepared for everything. Slowly our hard work started paying back.

With these campaigns, we succeeded in creating a positive buzz in the market, the public started enquiring about our electric vehicles, in the second year, we were able to bring hundreds of electric autos on to the roads and as expected almost all our customers were so satisfied with the deliverables, mileage and performance of our electric autos. Customers found it very economical in terms of capital investment, as well as maintenance, compared with diesel/petrol autos. We were very so happy that we are able to create a positive buzz in the market and slowly the public started adapting to Electric Autos. The word of mouth spread so strong as our e- rickshaws started delivering 100 km mileage with just 4 to 5 hrs charge as we promised. Several NGO’S, Large-scale organisations and government bodies came forward and gave us hundreds of E – Autos orders across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we were able to meet all their requirements, and kept all our promises and delivered their requirement in time. To give easy access to all our spare parts, we opened 22+ dealership locations across South India and in no time emerged as one of the Leading Electric Vehicles Manufacturers in India.

With our growing popularity, we even got a place in Telangana’s prestigious T- HUB which helped us to come under the limelight, we won several prestigious awards and supplied our Electric Rickshaws to various government organisations, with all the efforts, today we are the proud supplier of electric autos for Telangana government for its various requirements. We even customised our autos to make them fit for various purposes and our customers are loving it. With all the hard work and dedication and never dying fire within to see this planet green, today we are happy to see thousands of our electric autos running on roads causing zero pollution to nature. All these efforts made us the best electric vehicle manufacturing company across south India and we are heading strongly to emerge as India’s Best Electric Vehicle Manufactures in the near future.

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