How Hyderabad is emerging as the new hub for Electric Vehicles in India?

Hyderabad Biryani and its innovative startups are the two things which amazed the world. Hyderabad is always a step ahead in innovating and experimenting, may be due to its strong Tech connections with Silicon Valley or the fire in the youth to deliver global products, whatever the reason may be, Hyderabad Startups are emerging as new solutions for the toughest problems the world has been facing so far.

Be it Tech startups, Mobile Apps, IoT, Automobiles, Agri and what not, Hyderabad startups are always in news for all the good reasons. But surprisingly and necessarily Hyderabad is emerging as a new hub for electric vehicles in India which is a good sign to protect our natural resources, when it comes to Electric Vehicles from decades, thoughts go only on much-hyped Electric cars, but there are many other vehicles which are polluting the nature as bad as Diesel/Petrol cars pollute. One such segment is Electric rickshaws and E -Cargo carriers which are widely known as Load pullers or Carrier Autos.

The huge number of Diesel/Petrol Passenger Rickshaws and Cargo Carriers are being used for public transport and commercial usage. With increasing population and huge movement of people and goods from one place to the other, the number of diesel and petrol rickshaws hitting roads are doubling year by year and these heavy usage of fuel rickshaws has become a real problem which is polluting the air very badly and resulting in many breathing related diseases and natural disasters.

But few startups in Hyderabad as taken it as a real challenge, It’s in fact a great news to the world that from last five years at least ten companies from hyderabad has come forward to address this problem by launching Electric RIckshaws, E- Cargos and Electric Load pullers. As Hyderabadis always welcome new adaptations and products there has been an overwhelming response from the public as well from the government to switch from fuel autos to E – Rickshaws.

Among these new startups Adapt Motors has emerged as one of the strong and innovative companies ithe n Electric Rickshaw Manufacturing segment. With Make in India and Make in Telangana slogan and having a huge and well equipped manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, Adapt motors has established a strong network with 30+ dealer locations across south India and moving fast and firm towards expanding its presence across India.

The revolutionary products of Adapt Motors Sweekar – (Passenger E- Rickshaw) and Sweekar – L (Cargo E – Rickshaw) has hit the market like a storm couple of years ago and are today being widely utilised in public transports and commercial cargo movements. Sweekar E – Rickshaws come with appealing look and powerful battery which is easy to charge and delivers 100+ kms mileage with just 4 to 5 hrs charging. Thousands of E – Autos are already moving on roads of Hyderabad and very quickly spread into tier two cities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The core team of Adapt motors are very dedicated to deliver much powerful E – Autos/Rickshaws with yet stunning features and the R&D is happening so strong to deliver a solar power run E – rickshaw by next year. With its innovative ideas and problem solving products that protect the nature, Adapt Motors got succeeded already in grabbing many prestigious awards in this segments.

The highly motivated marketing team of Adapt motors is not leaving a single stone unturned to educate business owners who run Hardware shops, Home Appliances, Colleges, Schools, Transport businesses, Courier services to utilize Electric Cargo vehicles for their commercial use which are very less in price compared to fuel autos. Couple of NGOs are also helping this noble cause by educating the passenger auto drivers and owners to switch to Electric Rickshaws which are cost effective. Telangana government has procured a huge number of E – rickshaws from Adapt motors and distributed them to street Vegetable/ Fruit vendors which is a huge encouragement for Electric Rickshaw Manufacturers in Hyderabad and Telangana.

State government is also exploring the other possibilities of switching completely to E – Rickshaws and E- Cargos Autos which will be a great inspiration to the public as well to switch to Electric vehicles and keep the nature more green and clean.

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