E-Mobility Solution is not just purchasing EVs but lot more than that.

Things have changed post covid19 unlock. The awareness about health, hygiene & habitat has exponentially increased & community are adhering these as essentials. New business agenda are set & every business has adapted essence of need to protect the surrounding to be safe. The Logistic EV wagon manufacturers have even brought in some attractive option for anyone who is looking for better cost optimisation & add their brand in ecological friendly business.

Why are the EVs viable & attractive options?

Making it easier to purchase

As a layman or a business tycoon, it is always a priority to maintain the suitable investment & running cost of the business. The special incentives & initiatives by the Government of India as well as various state governments have made the fuel vehicle a serious no-no for most of the business/owners. The exemption in taxes makes the EVs a viable and highly attractive option for the logistics.

An optimised logistic solutions

In my experience, most merchandise/ business don’t currently have company fleet for logistic. This is because they don’t want to divert & take trouble of fleet management. With EVs now a more viable alternative, it’s possible to get the high-yield logistic you want, but within the range of business.

Removing fuel based fleet within the campus or hub range for zero-emission e-cart/e-rickshaw is a game changer. EVs suddenly has become a great option for anyone looking to purchase an efficient solution for their business logistic, while also removing the harmful emissions from ICE automobile, making your commute more environmentally sound.

If you want an efficient commute, it’s a no-brainer to opt for ease to drive & economical viable EVs. Under the new rules from the Government of India, you could buy Adapt Motors’ SWEEKAR model for Hundred Thousand Rupees only, which is far lesser than any Fuel-engine goods/passenger carrier that inreturn incur tax and costs that would make purchasing one as a company vehicle totally impractical, but by going the EV route, you get the same performance with more efficiency.

Driving down your carbon footprint

Of course, the lower tax costs & cost of the vehicle are not the only reasons for choosing an EV. In 2020, with climate change high on the agenda, there’s a pressing need for all of us to become more environmentally friendly – and choosing a more sustainable vehicle is key to this. The awareness created around due pandemic situation & responsibility among the individual to contribute to the society is also a driving factor for implementing e-mobility solution for business.

The Government is doing the right thing and promoting the use of EVs to help lower carbon emissions and meet the India’s sustainability targets. And by making use of these new incentives, you can do your bit to lower your own carbon footprint. It’s now not just your contribution but even your responsibility & would replicate your business attitude towards society.

Leasing, buying or financing your EV

Choosing the best way to finance your new performance EV can seem like a complex task to begin with. Knowing whether you’re better off buying the vehicle outright or leasing it through the business is a big decision and something where professional advice is a definite bonus.

At Adapt Motors, we can help you understand the EV opportunity and make the most of buying or leasing a desirable EV through your company.

Our advisors can help you:

  • Choose the right type of vehicle – we’ll make sure you’re looking at fully electric vehicles that meet the criteria for emissions and range, and that you’re not opting for one of the many hybrid petrol/electric models that don’t qualify for the discounted tax option.
  • Decide whether to buy or lease – once you’ve narrowed down your choice of EV, we’ll help you calculate whether the best route is to lease the vehicle, go for a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) – similar to a hire purchase arrangement – or buy the vehicle outright through your business. Any EV you purchase will be bought through the company and becomes an asset that will depreciate over time.
  • Help you to setup the infrastructure & training to the drivers in regards to usage & maintenance of the vehicle for more efficient mileage. They also map out the route for fleet managers & keep a periodical track of route metrics to understand and develop better solution over the period.

Now’s the time to switch to an EV

Choosing a new EV as your company vehicle is a great opportunity, but one where professional advice will help you gets more value from your new vehicle. By taking the EV route, you can end up driving a highly sustainable performance vehicle, that meets your goals as an owner and is also more economical to finance and run than a similarly speed ICE vehicle.

The Adapt Motors is a good starting point for narrowing down your choice of vehicle. Talk to us about your EV options and the opportunity for purchasing high-spec sustainable electric passenger/goods carriers. Find our E-mobility solutions at Adapt Electric .

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