Adapt Motors wins STAMP(Station Access and Mobility Programme) Challenge

With its continuous efforts in creating an eco-friendly planet, Adapt motors has been innovating in upgrading its flagship model Sweekar Electric Autos with many interesting features like extending battery life, ensuring availability of more charging stations and building strong R&D team. As expected, all the efforts are being recognised by various prestigious organisations, recently Adapt motors has drawn great attention in Smart mobility startup festival held at Metro Rail Bhavan in Hyderabad. In the recent STAMP( Station Acess and Mobility Programme) challenge initiated by Hyderabad metro rail Project in association with World Resources Institute, Toyota mobility foundation and L&T HMR, Adapt motors stood as one of the three winners for its innovative electric auto.

Adapt motor’s Electric passenger auto has drawn great attraction with its stunning looks and promising features. 4 to 5 hours of charging with 100 km mileage, 4+1 seating capacity, solid Indian made engine and make in India body were few eyeball catchers of Sweekear passenger auto in the STAMP event. Adapt Motors has been given this prestigious award for showing its innovation in last mile connectivity through its electric autos. Visitors of the show also showered praises on this innovative Electric Rickshaw which not only helps in bringing down the pollution levels in urban localities, it is also a great alternative to Diesel/petrol autos in the rural areas where there is less access to fuel stations.

Talking to the guests and hosts, Mr. Madhukar Reddy, one of the key founders of the company told, they are happy and excited being among the three winners list and added that they are more focusing on the R&D part now and planning to launch a flagship solar powered auto with battery backup very soon, this feature enables users to run the auto in the daylight with Solar power and reserve the battery back up for night driving which will double the usage and be yet more productive for commercial usage. He told all their future products will come with more or less similar kind of dual run features which helps them to stand far away from the other competitors.

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