Offshore “ADAPT” Electric

From tag of #localtoglobal Adapt Motors takes the pride of sharing the offshore business success. The company has received a constructive contract of 5 years for manufacturing & supplying of Electric 2W and Electric 3W for African continent. The 3W electric vehicles are to be engaged for ecommerce supply whereas the 2W electric are food and medical supplies in remote areas. Adapt Motors is signing long term contacts for supply and service of these vehicles. 
With range of 100 kms on full charge the 3W electric is equipped with GPS tracking, Battery Management System Software which records the battery performance, additional solar power panel for self recharge. The vehicle has a cargo carrying capacity of 500 kgs and volumetric capacity of 130,000 cubic inches forth serving safe and economical transits. The supply of the vehicle is along with training module to drivers and fleet supervisors about the vehicle technology and handling day-to-day service. The company moreover provides warranties and adequate spares for just –in-service. The fleet managers are regularly engaged in updates and vehicle performance feedback sessions.
 On the other hand the 2W electric are having a range of 80 kms per full charge with swappable battery technology. These vehicles are also equipped with GPS and Battery Management System Software. The gross laden weighing capacity of the vehicle is around 300 kgs. The products are supplied in complete knockdown condition and later assembled at the destination from where it is catered to other end clients. With 1.5 kW motor and 2.5 kWh battery capacities, these vehicles are intended to perform on rough and gradient terrain conditions. 
Adapt Motors is a prominent electric vehicle manufacturer from Hyderabad, India. The company manufactures a range of 3W electric and 2W electric. Incorporated in 2015, the company has supplied to major clientele like Units operated by Government of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh for self-employment schemes, corporate like TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, KAMINENI HOSPITALS, SHREE CEMENTS and others for internal logistics, campuses like Indian Army, Indian Air force for everyday logistic and many other start-up entrepreneurs for advertising and ecommerce business. The company is extensively reaching international community for offshore opportunities and welcome distributors, dealers, traders and corporate who are interested in catering the vision, products and services of the company around the world.

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