Waving a Green Flag for EV in South India.

plug your mobility with reusable energy.

Post lock-down every state government is striving to bring the economy of their state back on its feet. The governments are initiating some policies which are which are long term as well as ecological. The South Indian states are the great contributors to the National GDP. Any initiation by these business hub states are considered to be an impact on national economy.

Last week Telangana Government has initiated the EV Policy with great initiatives & incentives. The EV policy extended the support to the consumers by waiving the taxes & other cess from the road transport department. Major industrialists & auto manufacturers, have welcomed this step of state government. The Telangana EV policy also stressed on sharing the responsibility to various departments. The EV policy is aimed to encourage the purchase & usage of ecofriendly vehicles. The policy is drafted with a vision to attract the consumer & manufacturer. It shall lift the EV industry and overall automotive trade business.

This week the Tamil Nadu Government too initiated a similar policy for the state. The abstract in the policy of the Tamil Nadu government too showcase some incentives. Hence one may find a surge in the purchases of EV in coming months. The EV adaptation by Deccan & Dravida regions will open the a new chapter in the Indian automotive industry. Though the South Indian states were little cautious prior lock-down, but now with state governments initiation, the market has been open for purchase and use of the these ecofriendly automotive.

The market observed a shift by logistic owners & regular suppliers towards the EV earlier post lock down. The logistic industry is operating to optimize the mobility solution and save themselves from the cash crunch they faced during the lock down. Many big players of eCommerce like Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket & Swiggy are encouraging their vendors to adapt the EV in their fleet. It is very hard to beat the advantages that EV has over ICE in the last mile connectivity.

Corona might be very harsh in terms of lives & economy but has taught few lessons to humanity and now the people realize that they are not invincible for the acts against environment. Adapting EV shall be a remission for the future.

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